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Working with the USPTO can be an expensive and time-intensive endeavor, and finding a patent agent to represent you can be just as hard. Choosing the right agent to develop your patent application can make all the difference in keeping your idea safe. Here at Mech Tech Engineering, we have strong relationships with skilled patent attorneys and agents, and we'll work along side them to draft a technically sound patent application for your invention.


The first step in the patent process is a patentability study. Before an application is ever written, hours must be spent combing through granted patents as well as current published applications in order to make sure your invention can receive a patent. If this crucial step is mishandled, thousands of dollars can be spent developing an application only to have it rejected by the USPTO. Our own, in-house experts will perform a thorough patent search for you, saving you crucial resources, and starting your application out on the right foot.


Once it's been shown that your invention is patentable, it's time to start writing the application. This can be extremely time intensive, and requires a thorough knowledge of both the invention and the patent process. That's where we come in. While all patent agents are required to have a technical degree, many do not take the time to learn about your idea in its entirety. You've spent countless hours and dollars developing your idea, now let us take it from here - our team of engineers will oversee the application process and make sure you're getting the strongest possible patent for your invention.


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