Engineering Design Services

So you have an idea, a solution for a problem other people don't even realize is a problem yet. How do you turn that idea into reality if you don't have a technical background or expensive analysis software?


Our team of engineers can take your idea and turn it into a manufacturable design. We will start by analyzing your idea using computer aided design, creating 3D models to visualize embodiments of your invention. Once a working model has been created, we will use motion simulations, finite element analysis, and computational fluid dynamics to analyze every facet of your product. After you've agreed to a final design, our GD&T certified drafters will create a set of engineering drawings.


With drawings in hand, we work with capable machine shops to create working prototypes of your product. Using your specifications, we design a system of comprehensive tests to ensure every part of the design functions as intended through all foreseeable circumstances. This can involve operations testing, non-destructive testing, and fatigue analysis. Finally, we deliver a fully functional prototype that is ready for the assembly line.


In the past, we have worked with clients in a wide variety of fields, and have successfully provided designs for marine, automotive, aerospace, and defense applications. 


Contact us today for a comprehensive engineering analysis of your product.


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