Market Access Studies

An important part of developing a product is deciding how to bring it to market in an economically feasable way. Our business analysts, armed with M.B.A.s and real-world experience, can help provide the best route for your product to reach potential customers.


For some clients, this means manufacturing the product within their organization. If you have the experience and resources, this option provides the most control over the final product and its distribution. Our experienced manufacturing engineers can provide work-flow analysis of your plant to ensure your product is efficiently produced, and our business analysts will provide a sound marketing and sales plan. However, this often requires a significant infrastructure investment, as well as incurring marketing and sales costs, so for many individual inventors and small businesses, this can be a cost-prohibitive option.


Another route for smaller enterprises involves licensing or selling patent rights to larger corporations with established presences in the field. This option alleviates most of the usual costs involved in selling a product, thus allowing you to collect royalties on your design without any further investment. We have worked with larger manufacturers in the past, and can assist you in identifying and delevoping professional relationships with potential licensing partners.


These two options are suitable for most situations, but some clients require even more specialized alternatives. Regardless of your current circumstances, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your product and its intended market, and find you the most cost-effective way to reach consumers and drive profit growth.


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