From Idea To Reality

Mech Tech Engineering provides product development consulting services to businesses and inventors.

Our Product Development Roadmap

Pre-development Consulting

Developing a new product is a complex process that combines engineering, market research, and diligence with regards to intellectual property - and no single process fits every company or product. At Mech Tech Engineering, we recognize this, and work with clients to find the best route to take their specific product from the drafting table to the customer.

Engineering Design

Without a dedicated engineering team, creating a working design can be difficult. Our team of engineers use computer-aided design and decades of real-world experience to turn our client's ideas into manufacturable designs.

Prototyping and Testing

Once we have an engineered design that embodies the client's idea, we work with established machine shops to build a working prototype. Then we send our prototype through a series of rigorous tests that are tailored to each product. At a minimum, we typically test operations, structural integrity, and product safety through all foreseeable circumstances to ensure our client's product comes out of the factory just as they imagined it.

Patent Application Drafting and Filing

In today's fast-paced business world, it's imperitave to protect our intellectual property with strong and early patents. Before we do anything, we'll do a comprehensive patent search, pouring through granted patents as well as published patent applications. If the client's product is patentable, we will file a provisional patent, acquiring an early priority date and allowing the client to claim "Patent Pending." Since we handle the initial patent search in-house, we can save the client thousands of dollars in attorney's fees. After finalizing a design and putting prototypes through rigorous testing, we assist experienced patent attorneys in the drafting of a technically sound patent application that fully captures the spirit of the invention.

Market Access Studies

Once our client has a fully protected product, the final step is to bring it to consumers. Depending on the client's experience and resources, this could involve manufacturing the product within the client's organization, or selling or licensing the patent to larger companies for manufacturing and distribution. We work with the client to find the best option for them.

We can take clients through our entire Product Development Roadmap, or offer assistance in specific areas. Check out the links below for a comprehensive description of the company and our services.

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